Jul 18, 2010

Veggie Burger Follow Up

A little while back I posted something about my favorite veggie burgers, which I find at Costco, and was immediately inundated with questions (three!!!) about what brand they were and how they compared to other veggie burgers. Got another pack of them recently, so thought I'd follow up and share the mystery brand in case you readers are still curious.

These famous veggie patties turn out to be made by Don Lee Farms, who I'm happy to report is a typically high quality Costco-stocked brand. With just a little research, Elizabeth found their nutrition information on FatSecret.com and I also found Don Lee Farms' blog, dedicated to informing the public about these patties!

So, those of you who had questions or interest about my Big Mac (mystery) Veggie Burger patties, here's what you were looking for!

...And remember my cooking tip for these patties: they get better and better the more you cook them. Throw them in a toaster or toaster oven on a really high heat - 400 to 450 degrees - and let them cook until the edges start to get dark and crispy. The rest of the patty will still have a nice soft, but slightly chewy texture, but the slight tooth of the crustier exterior will keep them from blending into the feel of your bun (if you use one, which you don't need to) and creating a mouthful of mush.


1 comment:

KillerQueen said...

Thank you for doing this follow up! It helped greatly! As a matter of fact I had one of these patties for lunch today and they are my favorite as well. :)

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