May 6, 2010

Big Mac Veggie Burger

I arrived home tonight with only a little time for dinner and little on-hand with which to work.

My mind quickly thought of the veggie burger patties we had in the freezer (thanks, Costco), but one wasn't going to be enough. The bread bag had one legit slice of bread and two heels. I yanked them out, plus two veg patties and threw them all in the toaster oven.

Meanwhile, I grabbed the mayo and hit it with several dashes of Chipotle Tabasco - one of my favorite hot sauces ever. Out came the bread and I slathered on the chipotle-tabasco-mayo sauce.

Grabbed some of the red leaf lettuce from the fridge, stacked everything up and next thing I knew, I had a tasty veggie burger big mac in my hands. Huge, quite filling, zesty and, ultimately, quite satisfying.

...okay, so the photo doesn't make it look so hot. But trust me, it was great!


jill said...

are the costco veggie burgers better than boca burgers? looks good to me!

jared said...

How many napkins did your BigMacVeggieBurger earn?!?!?!

Foodie32 said...

Jill, yes, they are better than boca, though I think those are fine, too. They are especially good if cooked in a toaster oven until slightly crispy. They are quite filling, too, which is a plus.

Jared, only restaurant reviews earn napkin ratings. However, I will tell you that these burgers are really good and would have been better on a bun instead of wheat bread that had been in my freezer for two weeks. Let me know if you want me to pick up a pack of them at Costco for you next time I go.

JMM said...

Hi John - I read your blog with great interest. Amanda told me about it and I've followed your posts for a few months. Was thinking about you this morning as I was reading the KC Star - did you see the article about photographing food? Not sure if a madeleine tin would have improved your photo of the veggie sandwich, but maybe... - Joan

jill said...

costco on main & 31st only has boca vegan burgers now. bummer.

Foodie32 said...

JMM: Thanks for reading! I looked up the article after I saw your comment. Very interesting. I know Beth Bader, who was quoted in the article, very well -she's a coworker of mine and her blog is fantastic!
Have you seen my post on food photography? Check it out at /2009/08/food-photography.html.
I actually was involved with it professionally, earlier in my advertising career. It was SO INTERESTING!
Some day I'll invest in a good camera and dish/bakeware that'll make my photography look good. For now, you'll have to live with it ;)

Foodie32 said...

Jill - keep looking. Costco is funny about not always stocking the same ingredients. I only see these burgers from time to time, but I always snag them when they show up. Usually I find them in the refrigerator case that has all the lunch meats in it, across from the big pre-packaged fresh pizzas and weird tortilla roll platters.
I'll post a comment next time I find them for ya!

Thanks for the comment.

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