Jun 27, 2010

Food Blogging Under Fire

Fat City - the food/restaurant blog put out by The Pitch - has a rerun of a good article about food blogging no-no's from eater.com here: http://blogs.riverfronttimes.com/gutcheck/2010/06/16_sins_food_bloggers_commit.php.

Happy to say the only infraction I've incurred against this list is against #10 - using my cell phone pics on my blog. Note that the number 16 no-no is using your flash in a restaurant. So apparently the author feels very strongly that food bloggers should take pictures with high quality cameras, but not using a flash. What' s the point?

Otherwise, though, he makes some good points. Especially number #1. Hopefully Napkins doesn't come off as too serious of a rag. It's just one dude's opinion. (I just happen to think I'm always right ;).)

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