Aug 29, 2009

Not Just Another Drop in the Bucket

Who doesn't love changing up their daily routine by heading out for a happy hour cocktail and snack? My wife and I do. Often.

Our latest "aw, heck with it - let's have a drink" diversion took us to The Drop in Martini Corner. Some friends of ours hosted a holiday party there a couple years ago, which we remembered enjoying immensely, so we thought it was time to return. The bar/restaurant is quite small, with two cozy rooms and a small bar on one side. We remembered finding the bevvy of appetizers served that night all to be very tasty, from great bruschetta, which can be so soggy and bland so many places, to upscale cheese and fruit platters. But on this trip, we were going cheap. This was impromptu and neither of us had much cash to burn, so we were delighted at how well The Drop treated us cheapskates.

Happy Hour specials consisted of half price starters and discounted drinks across their long list of beers, wines by the glass and cocktails. Budget constraints being what they were, we went cheap and ordered the least expensive app on the menu, an incredibly filling and delicious hummus. The Drop's hummus is exceedingly creamy and not too garlicky, but thicker than what you might find somewhere the hummus is probably a little more authentic, like Jerusalem Cafe. That's not a dig, though. Topped with plenty of fennel seed for an added dimension of flavor, this hummus can be smeared on crunchy slices of toasted baguette - again, a less authentic touch in that you'd normally serve hummus with pita, but certainly fine with me.

When our helping of toast had dwindled, leaving still plenty of hummus, our waitress kindly offered to bring more toast so we could polish off the rest of the dip. We took her up on her offer and by the time it was finally gone, we were stuffed! Did I mention the hummus was $7 normally, and only $3.50 at Happy Hour?! What a deal!!

Not much to say about the cocktails. I had a well gin and tonic with flat tonic and no lime, followed by a PBR. She had a red wine martini that tasted like cough medicine (maybe this is "grandma's" answer to the proverbial "grandpa's ol' cough medicine?) followed up with a Boulevard Wheat. It was booze. It served its purpose.

The Drop has been at Martini Corner for quite some time now but if you're not frequenting the place, check it out at Happpy Hour and I think you'll be quite happy with what you find.

Rating - one napkin

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Amanda said...

Someone recommended The Drop to us recently as a good place for apps and drinks. We drove by it ALL the time on our way to visit Ella at Children's Mercy and wondered about it. We are all about great food and good deals--will have to check it out!

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