Aug 29, 2009

Arun: Adecent Thai Place

For lunch last week, I went to Arun Thai Place Grill at 7th & Walnut. Arun is among four other Thai Place locations in the city, though the only one with this particular name (the others simply go by Thai Place), and I'm struggling to find much of anything to say about the place. So I'll keep this one brief.

The great thing about Thai food is the fresh ingredients, abundance of flavor and spice! Arun gives you all those things in spades, so if you like Thai food and you're having a craving, I can't imagine you'd leave disappointed.

Thai dining does not, however, usually signify a top-notch restaurant experience. Arun and the rest of the Thai Place establishments I've visited are better than many alternatives in this category, but don't wow you, either. The dining rooms are a little ho-hum. The service usually prompt and polite, but not necessarily a value-add. You get your noodles or your rice or your stiry fry or your curry and if it's what you were expecting, you leave happy.

This is exactly what happened at my trip to Arun. I picked out the Thai Place shrimp - a big bowl of tender shrimp and rice with a sweet tamarind broth and lots of onion, mushrooms, bell pepper and jalapeno (not diced, but entire halves of jalapeno's - awesome for the spice lover!). Ladel in a couple spoons full of the chili paste condiment they have on the table, and about 10 minutes later, I'm staring at an empty bowl with a happy stomach and a slightly runny nose.

That's how it went down, and that's what I like.

Could have done without the hip hop beats coming from the massive DJ's speakers sitting behind our table, but once the jalapeno's and chili paste started working their magic, somehow I stopped noticing the music.

If you like Thai food, you should like Thai Place. Sure, everyone says there's someplace they know about that's even better. But I'll bet one of Thai Place's pleasant locations is near you and when you visit, you'll feel like you got good food at a good price and had a good experience. It's good.

Rating - one napkin

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Mary said...

Sounds yummy. Bet it can't beat the wonderful shrimp pasta that Phil and Linda made for us this weekend, though. Grilling the shrimp just long enough impart a smoky flavor made it wonderful.

Foodie32 said...

My first blog comment - and appropriately, it's from my loving mother.

Thanks for looking out for me, Mom!

Phil sounds like he has similar tastes as me. I wouldn't mind being a retired pharmacist, living the good life cooking good food and hanging out with good friends all the time.

Brenda said...

What a wonderful combination for you John--You're a gifted writer as well as an Iron Chef winner! I enjoy your blog. Keep up the good work.

Bryan said...

John--Been to any church potlucks lately??!!??

Can you review the Wendy's on Wornall?

Foodie32 said...

NOTE - Arun is now closed. I drove by the other day and it was all boarded up. Funny how so very often, people's premonitions that restaurants won't do well come true.

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