Jan 22, 2011

Return to Genessee

Restaurant: Genessee Royale Bistro
Food: Lovable chef-driven, comfort-oriented approachable cuisine
Service: Traditional waitstaff
Atmosphere: 'Typical' casual stockyard-based American bistro
Price: Breakfast entrees $4-$9, Lunch $7-$9
Rating: Three napkins

Today was my friend Tyson’s 30th birthday and to help him celebrate, we chose the brunch spot—Genessee Royale Bistro, about which I gushed in a recent post.

The test: could it live up to the standard set on our first trip?

The quick answer: indeed.

There were several familiar faces there this morning—folks we had seen last time we were there, which was pleasing. I happen to think a solid base of regulars is a good sign of predictably good service.

On this trip, celebration being the purpose, cocktails were in order. We tried both the Campari and fresh grapefruit, as well as the champagne cocktail.

The Campari drink was a luscious pink color served in a lowball glass with a lime wedge garnish. It was slightly bitter and a bit tart, as expected, but not too much so. Quite refreshing, actually, and good enough that it was ordered repeatedly.

Note the little green soldiers.
The Champagne cocktail came served in an elegant stemless champagne flute. A cube of raw cane sugar in the bottom increased the quantity of bubbles that shot up from the bottom of the glass in pretty little mesmerizing plumes. The drink became sweeter and sweeter (in a good way) as it went along.

Smart cocktails, both of these.

The food was, again, excellent. This time around I sampled Philip’s Soft Egg and the Omelet.

What I loved about the soft egg dish was its whimsy. The soft egg, served in a dainty little white egg-sized saucer came with a cute stack of toast sticks on the side which were perfect for dunking in either the soupy egg or the jam… and not just any jam, but rather a seriously delicious bacon marmalade (which, if it sounds good, is exactly what you’d hope and if you don’t think it sounds good is way better than you think). There was also a lightly dressed mixed green salad on the side.

And among the toast structure, marmalade pond and jungle of greens were two classic little green toy soldiers. Perhaps a food fight taking place on my plate. I added a side of sausage which were served as two thick meat patties, lightly seasoned and deliciously juicy.

The omelet was standard fare. It was quite thick and filled with Gruyere, which I love, but it might have benefitted from a little more as I couldn’t get much Gruyere flavor out of it. The potatoes on the side were perfectly golden, but plain. Tabasco jazzed them up and I appreciated being offered a choice of that or Sriracha. Condiments can sometimes make all the difference in the world.

I pushed Tyson toward the fantastic creamtop buttermilk biscuit dish I’d had previously and he devoured it instantaneously, giving me reassurance that we’d successfully delivered an A plus birthday brunch. What better gift could there be? (Well, I’d imagine he’ll enjoy his Patron, too.)

We polished everything off with desserts, pictured below. Decadent lemon meringue pie and a chocolate chocolate chip cookie. At that early hour, I wasn't up for sweets, but the pie disappeared in a hurry and everyone ooh'd and aah'd over the cookie. I trust they were superb.

Rating: Still three napkins

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Abby said...

I want to go here!

Becca Jones said...

We tried this one out this weekend and loved it - thanks for sharing!

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