Oct 20, 2010

Dog Nuvo Drama

Dog Nuvo may turn out to be the shortest-lived restaurant I've ever reviewed.

Apparently chef Marshall Roth and Harry Blasco are being sued by their former employer in Independence, Ken McClain, for allegedly stealing his idea to open an upscale hot dog restaurant in the KC metro area.

Roth and Blasco admit to having been in on the idea to open such a place in Independence with McClain previously, but when their input for the menu and overall concept were shot down, they high-tailed it to P&L to start up Dog Nuvo.

Adding to the story's juiciness, McClain, in an attempt to squelch Roth and Blasco's start up momentum with Dog Nuvo, bought up dognuvo.com and several other iterations of the URL in order to keep Roth and Blasco from launching a website for their new business at that online address!

Links to related articles for your enjoyment follow. I'll update this post with additional links as more info becomes available.

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