Aug 17, 2010

Baja 600's Doors Closed for Good

It seemed as though Baja 600 had a pretty good run in its primo location on the Plaza at 600 Ward Parkway. That torch-lit stone patio out front always looked like a great spot for an al fresco (how do you say that in Spanish?) margarita when the weather was right. But its reputation for poor service and hit or miss menu items (seemingly identical to Cactus Grill) kept it from solidifying a good base of business in this critic's estimation.

Between the various articles and comments I'm finding online, the excuses for unpaid rent to the tune of over $160,000 are varied:

  • Inability to recover from costs related to 2009 fire
  • Highwood Properties wanted Baja outta there so they could get a classier tenant
  • Loss of liquor license killing income
But whatever the case, it's gone for good. Personally, I'm looking forward to a potential upgrade inhabiting the space. 

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