Apr 24, 2010

Cupcake Break!

Restaurant: Cupcakes a la Mode
Location: 1209 West 47th Street, KC MO
Food: Best cupcakes in town
Service: Friendly counter service

Atmosphere: Eclectic vibe - but the pink will give you a headache w/ prolonged exposure
Price: $3 plus tax for cupcakes
Rating: n/a

I'm not normally one for sweets in the middle of the day, but with my midday coffee, when we passed Cupcakes a la Mode on the way home, it was inevitable.

I've been here several times before. It's a good thing they're not open in the evening or else I'd come after dinner chronically (located within walking distance of my house).

The available selections are a combination of whimsical, unique and classic with selections such as the "Marshmallow Fondue", "PB&J" and "Raspberry Lemonade". Today we brought home two: the "Love Doctor", a chocolate cupcake with chocolate chunk strawberry buttercream and a chocolate-dipped strawberry on top, plus the "Stuffed French Toast" which is a vanilla cupcake topped with scrumptious maple cinnamon buttercream icing and with a decadent cream cheese icing.

If you don't have coffee on hand already, as I did, you can get a splendid coffee drink there, among other choices like Izze sodas. As sweet as they are, though, I recommend coffee or milk to wash it down.

Haute cupcakes and cupcake boutique shops have become a trendy thing as of late. I've not had many, as I like the savory things more than the sweet (e.g. charcuterie over cupcakes), but when comparing to Baby Cakes, located in the river market next to Harry's Country Club, I give the edge to Cupcakes a la Mode for the unique options on their menu that are truly delicious and for the unworldly texture of the cake in their cupcakes. Dense yet somehow fluffy, moist yet light, there's something special going on there that should be noticed.

They really are a treat.
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