Feb 6, 2010

Pulled Pork Salvation

Dear McGonigle's:
Thank you.
Thank you for being conveniently located near the home of our good friends who we visited today at lunchtime.
Thank you for being there to calm the insatiable beast of hunger that nearly caused me to turn on them.
Thank you for knowing how to smoke cuts of meat like pork shoulder and brisket to tender, smoky perfection. ...And for piling the meats so high on your sadly overwhelmed Wonder bread buns - the noblest of martyrs.
Thank you for your honey-sweetened Kansas City style bbq sauce, serving as a sticky perfume on my finger tips through my afternoon of errand-running.
Thank you for rendering my Saturday trip to the gym inadequate even before it transpired.
Thank you for keeping me full long enough to survive our green curry chicken cooking experiment (post on this forthcoming).
Thank you for being the unperceived specialty food store that you are - more than just meats, but beautiful deli options, seafood, locally grown produce, artisanal dairy, wine, liquor and more.
Thank you  - for making my day.
(Elizabeth did not appreciate the messiness of your sandwiches or your lack of seating as much as I, but barbecue never was for the feint of heart.)
We will visit you again, often and with great fondness. We will recommend your selection, service and quality at every chance  presented to us.
Thank you, McGonigle's.

1 comment:

amanda said...

I laughed aloud reading this! If I had known how ravenous you were... and how you were about to "turn on us," I'm not sure I would have felt so comfortable with you playing with the girls!! Ha ha ha!

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