Sep 14, 2009

The Cherished Napkins

If you've seen any of my earliest posts, you may have noticed a ridiculous rating system I devised and then quickly abandoned. Didn't take me long to grow tired of the amount of time it took me to score each aspect of the restaurant, its ambience, food and service, on the scale I had created, then multiply by the correct "weight" factor, add and publish the final score.

I'm going to go a much simpler route now: borrowing from the NY Times' 4-star rating system, I'll be doling out the soon-to-be cherished Napkins:

- 1 Napkin. Good or better.

- 2 Napkins. Very good or better.

- 3 Napkins. Excellent or better.

- 4 Napkins. Extraordinary.

I anticipate that 4 Napkins will be very difficult to achieve, and keep in mind that while I may find, say, the hot dogs sold by the owners of Gilhouly's at 39th and Bell to be as deeply satisfying as a baked lobster tail and foie gras from The River Club, some weight will be given to the level of expertise required to create the dish and inventiveness in the chef's use of the ingredients.

Looking forwar to hearing arguments, reactions, objections and affirmations on these ratings.

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